Opening Up Choices

Little changes can make huge differences!

Recently, we’ve been playing furniture Yahtzee again. It’s a Feng shui thing.

For a while now, the only chairs in my studio space have been my marvelous Relax Your Back chair and a cool desk chair Bill camps out in. Oh, and three dog beds!

I’ve been seeing coaching clients in the family room. In theory, it was a good plan.

In practice, not so much.

First of all, it’s dark in that room. Dark definitely doesn’t work for me. Nor, I suspect, for my clients.

Secondly, there were dog complications. The family room is small and the herd of very therapeutic dogs has grown. Significantly.

Then there was the whole greeting thing which, in typical enthusiastic fashion, occasionally involved jumping on the couch/client.

We’re working on the training. Or, leading, as Stephen Covey might say. All too often, though, we wound up with one dog working and two wishing, sometimes vocally, that they could help.

Amazingly, much good was getting done. It’s also time for more good.

I took a (mental) trip to Walden. You can come, too!

I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.

— Henry David Thoreau

It was time for another chair!

Fortunately, I had just the chair I needed. (!) An antique oak rocker from the American Empire period. Big, supportive, comfortable. Almost a hug in wood and leather.

So, Yahtzee.

Some miscellaneous small stuff liberated to the universe. Dog beds rearranged. (Luther is still adjusting.) A rolling laptop table on order from my friends at Levenger.

There’s still more to be done. For now, it’s better already.

It feels like working in the garden with air conditioning!

All three of the beasties can help without anyone getting trampled. After some polite greetings, they pretty much lay down and hold space for whatever magic is happening.

They’re also happy to be hugged and cried on as needed.

I think it’s safe to say that everybody is more relaxed, which is a lot of good work in itself.

The surprising thing for me in all of this was that improving our Feng shui, in this case, meant forgetting a few things I’ve learned from the books and listening, instead, to my body.

It’s amazing how putting this here and that there can open up new choices!

Soon I’ll be comfortably able to see coaching clients via Zoom, which is pretty exciting.

Transformation is afoot.

What transformation are you seeking? I’d love to hear about it!




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