Once upon a time…

Women, gathered for healing.
Most on the way to older. Some faster.
Encouragement. Dream work. Art. Friendships.
Writing. Conflict. Meditation. Theatre.
Fear. Stories. Food. Mostly Fabulous.

Don’t ask about the smoothies!

Water dance. Heaven. Really!
And then, on the last night, Dance. Patchwork music.
Mermaid hostess, hand extended, inviting each in turn to magic.
Me. Last.

Terror…surprisingly released.
Something Latin beating inside me.
Barely remembered twirling, spinning.
Held, utterly without containment.

Of course, the music ended.
Flushed. Panting. Amazed.

Then the mermaid whispered in my ear and I was free.


Santa Barbara Healing Retreat 2/2012


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