Lots of things got different!

Hi! I’m Luther. The new kid.

I’ve been here about four weeks now. My new sister, Sarah, has been coaching me on the blogging thing. This is not something I knew about before.

There are lots of things I didn’t know about before.

Sarah says just say the things I’m comfortable with. I guess Mom will take care of something called spelling.

I came from a place called a puppy mill. It was a sad place. I think I missed out on a lot.

I didn’t know how to live in a house. I was hungry all the time but didn’t know how to let people give me treats. (Now I like treats a lot!)

I like people but I haven’t always been sure they’d like me. Or take care of me.

Then, lots of things got different. I rode in a van with some more dogs and a really nice man driving. We rode and rode and rode. We got to a place that wasn’t so cold. I stayed with some nice people in two different places called foster care. They loved me and fed me and started to teach me things and were patient with me.

One day, Mom and Dad came and got me. I didn’t want to get in the car because cars are scary but I got used to it pretty soon. And it smelled like other Newfies, which was nice.

I have a house. And a deck. A bed all my own. Something called aromatherapy that smells like outside and is supposed to help me relax. And two sisters. I like them both a lot. Phoebe has been getting better from something called surgery so she hasn’t been able to play much but I know she will soon. Sarah and I like to lay on the deck. (And bark at the dogs next door!)

There’s a lot to learn! Mom has a plan.

They love me, even though I can’t see very well. Mom has nice friends called Vets who will help figure out what I need.

Here’s what I know so far: Love is a good thing. I’m safe, here. They really will keep feeding me. Sometimes I’m still scared, and that’s ok. I can walk on a lead. And wag my tail. Those toys like big ropes with knots last better. My stuffed animals keep falling apart. I think Mom does something magic when I’m outside to make all the fluffy pieces disappear!

There’s a thing here called a TV. Sometimes, Mom laughs when she watches it. Sometimes, she cries. The other day, she cried when they were talking about something called refugees. She asked me to come closer and rubbed my ears that special way she does. Then she gave me a very gentle hug. Not too tight. Just nice. I wagged more.

Sometimes, all this new stuff makes me really tired. I just go take a nap when I’m tired, though sometimes I have to snap my teeth like I’m catching bugs and bark first. Mom says that’s ok, too.

I think everybody likes me just the way I am! And Sarah says I’m a good blogger. I think that’s part of my new job. Helping to talk about the things that matter.

I hope you’ll talk about the things that matter, too, wherever you are. You never know who’s counting on you!

Thanks for being here…

Love, Luther 


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  1. Luther, Murph wants to romp with you. He says he gets it; his mom loves him too. He got a long ride in a van to meet his new mom. Unlike you, he jumped right in the front seat of her car to go HOME. He has had many adventures already. He loves his little brother Teddy, Gibbs not so much, but that’s ok because Gibbs is grumpy. Soon he will start visiting school as a therapy dog. His most important job though is always loving his mom❤️

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