Simple Pleasures…

As a part of my Lent II, 2016 retreat, I’m trying to pay attention to things that feed me, body, mind, and soul. It also helps with the writing! Let’s Boil Bones…Grammy’s guide to bone broth and other yummy things! is rapidly becoming reality and should be out this fall.

I’ve worked for years to perfect a recipe for roast chicken. Roast chicken makes me happy! It also makes great broth. It’s both homey and elegant in its simplicity. It’s juicy and full of flavor. And, perhaps best of all, it’s easy. In fact, with a little planning and prep time, it could even be a weekday dinner. Or a new tradition for Fridays or Sundays.

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Hot Tips for Mothers’ Day!

Next Sunday, May 8, is Mothers’ Day. I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of trouble keeping up with the holidays that move around on the calendar! So, here’s a fabulous hint for breakfast in bed or brunch along with a couple of ideas for last minute gifts. But first, a brief history lesson.

The story I learned, and like the best, was that early celebrations of Mothers’ Day were held for Northern and Southern mothers who had lost sons in the Civil War to come together and tend cemeteries where their sons lay in hopes of forming friendships among the women and working for peace.

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Why Food

It’s 4:15 am, in the midst of the 30 Days of Writing challenge I joined and the very early days of blog writing. I’m curled up in one of my quilts, sipping tea and scribbling recipes. Recipes which are not, by the way, related to the writing prompt for whichever day this is! It’s worth pondering why.

When my first granddaughter was born, just before I turned 50, I noticed a surprising thing. In the midst of making baby quilts and packing glass baby bottles for the trip across the pond, I began to get an inkling that things were changing inside me. Suddenly, things that had been sort of philosophically important to me for years began to seem more urgent. This tiny person, this wee image of my son, this huge new spark of love in my heart had to grow up in this world. And if we’re honest, this world could use some work!

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