About Me

sue-boardman-tools-for-the-journey-SMAs the old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up someplace else!” Sometimes, even when you think you know where you’re going, you wind up someplace else. At least that’s been my experience!

I wound up needing to learn to be a contemplative. Years of orthopedic challenges have demanded that I learn to be still, to embrace—or be devoured by—change.

I also wound up a grandmother. One of my deepest hopes fulfilled! My contemplations have more focus. I discovered that in, through, and under my prayers and wishes for the world, is the notion of Grandmother. Healing. Wholeness. Peace. Creativity. Love big enough that my girls are the faces for all people in all places. It’s been kind of a surprise in the way that one day we notice our deepest truth somewhere outside us and realize with a bit of shock that it’s been true all our lives to the very marrow of our bones.

“Retirement” from active ministry in the Presbyterian Church has turned into a bigger change than I expected. My years of preaching and counseling and writing, along with 30 years as a Developing Capable People leader, have turned into two #1 best selling books!

Grandmothers Are In Charge of Hope and WE GATHER TOGETHER…holiday feasts with the family you have!  are, in the way that virtually all books are, autobiographical. My husband, Bill, our kids, Dave and Kelly, and our granddaughters, Kenzie and Taylor, have graciously agreed to be characters in my learning. My third book, Let’s Boil Bones…and other yummy things! is due out early in the fall of 2016.

Quilting takes up a good bit more of my contemplating time. I’m also passionate about Newfoundland dog rescue, the local, sustainable food community, and studying Qigong.
Along with coaching and speaking commitments, this website is where my contemplations become conversations. I’m glad you’re here!